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Round Dripper Pipe Production Line

DRTS Round Dripper Turnkey Pipe Production Line

The DRTS Round Dripper Pipe Production Line comes with everything you need to set up a successful drip irrigation pipe manufacturing business.

From a single screw extruder comprised of quality components to high speed inserting and perforating machines DRTS the expertise to help your succeed. Get a price quote below and learn DRTS can help supply and install a brand new production line.

Round Inline Drip irrigation Pipe Production Line

The DRTS Round Dripper Pipe Production Line comes in two models. Our top speed production line is designed to insert and perforate up to 500 drippers per minute at a line speed of up to 120 meters of pipe per minute (with an automatic coiler).

Our Eco-D Model is designed to insert and perforate up to 300 dripper per minute and line speed of up to 60 meters per minute.

Both production lines feature several additional options such as accumulator or 3 layer pipe to increase efficiency and productivity

What Comes with a DRTS Production Line

Dripper Inserting Machine
The inserting machine rapidly inserts drippers into the hot pipe at programmable distances

Single screw extruder machine
The PE pipe extruder machine, is the most important part of any production line; it heats, mixes, and extrudes fesh pipe.

Vacuum & cooling tank
The vacuum and cooling tank cools and dries extruded pipe to help maintain ovality and pipe uniformity.

Perforation Machine
The perforator punches from 1 – 4 water outlet holes into each of the inline drippers.

Haul off (puller) machine
A pipe haul off machine pulls fresh pipe from the extruder through the vacuum and cooling tank.

Cutter machine
The pipe cutter machine cuts PE pipe to the desired length programed into the HMI.

Accumulator machine
An accumulator machine serves the purpose of maintaining a buffer between the change over of coils.

Coiler machine
The pipe coiler machine allows you to coil pipe for sale and distribution (See also automatic coiler machine).

3 Layer die head (Optional)
The 3 layer die head allows you to produce 3 layer recycled drip irrigation pipe that can help save on costs.

Production Line Technical Specifications
  • Insertion / perforating rate up to 500 drippers/min
  • Line speed up to 120 m/min
  • Minimum spacing 150 mm
  • Includes High Speed Servo Perforator
  • Includes High Speed Servo Puller
  • High Speed Pipe Accumulator
  • 3 Layer Crosshead
  • Automatic Coiler

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