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PE Turnkey Production Lines

DRTS PE Turnkey Pipe Production Line

DRTS offers complete turnkey production lines for PE pipe. We offer a wide range of single screw extruders in various sizes and capacities. Our screw design is chosen based on our clients material combination (for all PE materials: LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, etc…) ensuring homogeneous mixture, better plastification and efficiency. Our production lines come in a wide range of configurations capable of producing PE pipes from 16mm all the way up to 630mm. We offer complete sets of tooling for various pipe classes (PN/SDR) required in the industry.

What’s Included in a PE Pipe Production Line?

Every DRTS turnkey PE pipe production line comes with all the necessary machinery you need to start manufacturing high quality PE pipe. From the single screw extruders comprised of quality components to a high speed servo powered puller machines we offer you everything you need to become a successful pipe manufacturer. Single Screw Extruder Machine The pipe extruder machine, the most important part of any production line; it heats, mixes, and extrudes fesh pipe. Vacuum & Cooling Tank The vacuum and cooling tank cool and dry extruded pipe to help maintain ovality and pipe uniformity. Haul Off (Puller) Machine A pipe haul off machine pulls fresh pipe from the extruder through the vacuum and cooling tank. Cutter Machine The pipe cutter machine cuts PE pipe to the desired length programed into the HMI. Accumulator Machine An pipe accumulator machine serves the purpose of maintaining a buffer between the change over of coils. Coiler Machine The pipe coiler machine allows you to coil pipe for sale and distribution (See also automatic coiler machine). Optional Extrusion Die Heads An extrusion die head can be added to your existing extruder machine to produce 3 layer pipe with a recycled core, allowing you to save money on raw materials. DRTS always keeps at the forefront of pipe production introducing new technologies that are geared towards our customers benefit. Our technology for the production of 3 layer PE pipe has been a great success among our clients. All DRTS machinery can be also supplied and purchased as a standalone unit providing you with the ability to upgrade machines in your existing production lines. Get a Price Quote

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