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The DRTS Pipe Coilers provide an innovative solution for coiling pipe up to 110mm in diameter. Fully automated coilers are available for pipes up to 25mm (see drip irrigation coilers). We offer both single station and double station coilers for pipe up to 110mm. For pipe sizes above 110mm in diameter we also offer the DRTS Pipe Tipping Table for segment cutting and pipe stacking.

ModelPipe Dia (mm)No. of Stations/FlapsCoiling Speed (m/min)Download
DMBS 16-2516 - 32 mm2 Stations / 6 Flaps100 m/min Datasheet
DEMBS 16-4016 - 40 mm2 Stations / 5 Flaps42 m/min Datasheet
DMBS 6320 - 63 mm2 Stations / 8 Flaps30 m/min Datasheet
DMBS 11050 - 110 mm2 Stations / 8 Flaps20 m/min Datasheet

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