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Semi-Automatic Pipe Coilers

DRTS Coilers (Round/Flat) & Recoiler (Flat)

The DRTS Drip Irrigation Pipe Coilers provide solutions for both Semi-Automatic coiling as well as fully automated coiling for round and flat drip irrigation pipe. Our Semi-Auto coiler can be combined with an accumulator to provide mid-range high speed solution at an economical cost. Our coilers are all servo driven assuring proper coiling and consistent coil dimensions.

What’s the Difference Between a Semi-automatic & a Fully Automatic Coiler?

While both coiling machines offer state of the art PE pipe coiling solutions a semi-automatic coiler machine requires a full time operator to switch out and strap finished coils. Whereas a fully automatic coiler machine allows you to fully automate your pipe production line as the machine will switch reels, strap and eject finished coils ready for sale. DRTS offers two automatic pipe coiling solutions, one for round drip irrigation and PE pipe and a second specially designed for flat drip irrigation pipe capable of coiling at speeds up to 200 meters per minute.

About the DRTS Recoiler Machine

The DRTS Flat Recoiler is designed to give manufacturers the ability to re-coil unfinished flat pipe coils or create short coils from a larger coil. This machine reduces your scrap rates by allowing you to utilize the good sections of a produced coil which would normally be scrapped.


ModelPipe Dia (mm)No. of Stations/FlapsCoiling Speed (m/min)Download
DMBS 16-2516 - 32 mm2 Stations / 6 Flaps100 m/min Datasheet
DEMBS 16-4016 - 40 mm2 Stations / 5 Flaps42 m/min Datasheet
DMBS 6320 - 63 mm2 Stations / 8 Flaps30 m/min Datasheet
DMBS 11050 - 110 mm2 Stations / 8 Flaps20 m/min Datasheet

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