DRTS Quality Control Equipment

QA Equipment for Dripper Production

Throughout the many years that DRTS has been in the drip irrigation and dripper manufacturing business, we made concerted efforts to continuously adopt the latest technology and machinery. In doing this we are able to assure that our drippers are of the highest possible standard. Our QA department uses many unique methods, protocols and equipment to maintain this high standard of dripper quality.

Dripper Flow Tester

The DRTS Dripper Flow Tester can test any type of emitting device from drip tubing and drip tape to on-line button drippers, sprinklers and even inline drippers without pipe.

Using load cells to measure the collected water allows a very high accuracy of flow measurement in the shortest possible time. We achieve this by allowing up to 10 samples to be tested simultaneously at the same pressure.

The Flow Tester is ISO 9260 and ISO 9261 compliant. Standard testing diameters from 12-25 and others available upon request. Tests are fully programmable with up to 30 different test pressures times. Each test produces a report which includes graphs and statistical analysis such as exponent and CV.

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Dripper Inspection Machine

The DRTS Dripper inspection machine is used to run a 100% visual inspection on all of our manufactured drippers. Using high speed cameras, this post production QA machine searches for a series of defects in the product and allows DRTS as a manufacturer to set tolerances as to what defects are acceptable. The machine counts and sends the “good drippers” to an approved box and the “bad drippers” to a rejected box while providing statistics on how many rejected products we have and the reason for their rejection.

The dripper inspection machine tests drippers for common defects such as; short shot, blocked filters, missing silicone, high injection points, welding issues, etc… This machine is compatible with round and flat drippers as well as PC and NPC drippers.

Silicone Inspection Machine

The DRTS silicone inspection machine does a 100% visual check on all silicone membranes before they are sent for use in the PC dripper assembly machine. This ensures that all drippers receive quality and defect free silicone membranes prior to assembly giving DRTS and our clients the confidence that the produced drippers are of the highest quality and defect free.

Silicone Deflection Machine

The DRTS silicone deflection machine is used to confirm silicone membrane force vs deflection post membrane production. The deflection unit confirms silicone consistency and ensures that the elastic properties of the silicone are correct. When used in combination with Shore A hardness the data ensures that the pressure compensating flow curves will be consistent from batch to batch.

The testing method is something that is not commonly used today in our industry as most silicone manufacturers as well as silicon buyers consider the Shore A hardness alone to be their guide for the membranes correct characteristic. While Shore is a good method for confirming the flow at higher pressure, deflection is important for lower pressure consistency as well as non-drain (retention) opening and closing pressures.

Pipe Extrusion Manufacturing Solutions

DRTS has over 35 years of experience in the drip irrigation and plastic pipe manufacturing industry. We offer quality, custom pipe production lines and standalone machinery. At DRTS we strive to provide industry leading machinery and unbeatable customer service.

We want to help your business grow and happily offer free expert consultations to discover how DRTS can help you increase production capacity and save money with machinery custom built to your needs.

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