Standalone Machinery

Haul Off (Puller)

DRTS Drip Haul-Off/Puller

DRTS Supplies types of standalone Haul-offs that can be easily installed on existing lines without making any changes. We have unique machinery for both flat and round drip irrigation pipe. Our Haul-offs can reach speeds of up to 300 meters per minute. Communication with existing extruders can be made using any protocol. The puller is specifically designed for drip pipe or plain pipe of varying diameters. Due to its special design, the pulling speed is very stable despite the normal issues associated with drippers in the pipe.

ModelPipe Dia (mm)Dripline TypeMax. Pulling Speed (m/min)Download
DEMBC 32R8 - 32 mmRound/Flat Thickwall120 m/min Datasheet
DEMBC 32F8 - 32 mmFlat Thin/Thickwall300 m/min Datasheet
DEMTC 300 (Capstan)16 - 32 mmFlat Thinwall300 m/min Datasheet

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