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DRTS provides quality plastic pipe extruders for Single Screw and Twin Screw extrusion solutions, with a focus on quality and customer customization. We custom design our pipe extruder screws to fit your material combination ensuring homogeneous mixture, better plastification and production efficiency. Our pipe extruders are crafted with top brand components to ensure production stability, product quality and machine durability. Our extruders can be used to produce PE, PVC, PPR and drip irrigation pipe.

What Does a Plastic Pipe Extruder Machine Do?

The pipe extruder machine, is the most important part of any pipe production line; it heats, mixes, and extrudes fesh pipe. A good extruder will ensure that you consistently produce quality pipe, allowing you to save money on scraped pipe and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Customized Single & Twin Screw Extruder Machines

DRTS offers both single screw extruders for plain PE and drip irrigation pipe as well as twin screw extruders for PVC pipe production. Our plastic pipe extruders are custom built to your needs and constructed from industry leading, brand name components.

Why Do PVC Extruders Need Twin Screws?

PVC extruders require twin screws to handle the extra wear and tear caused by the rough nature of raw PVC materials. Unfortunately, using PVC resin with a single screw extruder will cause accelerated damage to the extruder and inconsistent pipe production.

Pipe Extruder Components


Extruder Features a Zambello Gearbox & your Choice of ABB/Siemens/Baumuller Motors.

DRTS Extruder Gearbox & Motor
Screw & Barrel

Our Extruders Utilize a Bimetallic Screw & Barrel from Reiloy.

DRTS Extruder Screw & Barrel


Our Extruder Have a 12 Inch HMI comprised of components from B&R / Siemens / Omron.

DRTS Extruder HMI / PLC


DRTS Pipe Extruders Exclusively Feature Industry Leading Electronics Brands.

DRTS Extruder Electronics

Extruder Component Breakdown

Screw & Barrel:
Bimetallic (Germany) or Nitreated DIN 1.8850
Main Motor:
ABB / Siemens / Baumuller
ABB / Siemens / Baumuller
HMI/PLC Control:
12” B&R/Siemens/Omron
PC Control:
Optional 19”
Zambello – Italy
Heating Elements:
Ceramic Heaters + Aluminium Separators
Melt-Pressure Sensor:
Gerfan – Italy
Electric Components:
Wago – ABB – Siemens – Schneider
Solid State Relays:
Celduc / France
Air Condition:

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Single Screw Extruders

ModelsScrew DiameterScrew L/DMotor Power (Kw)Output (Kg)Download
DR-SS-30/25D30251.1 - 5 Kw5 - 15 Kg Datasheet
DR-SS-45/30D453015 Kw60 Kg Datasheet
DR-SS-45/36D453630 - 53 Kw120 - 180 Kg Datasheet
DR-SS-60/36D603652 - 59 Kw200 - 300 Kg Datasheet
DR-SS-75/36D7536110 - 160 Kw300 - 600 Kg Datasheet
DR-SS-90/36D9036250 Kw800 - 850 Kg Datasheet
DR-SS-110/36D11036300 Kw1100 - 1200 Kg Datasheet

Twin Screw Extruders

ModelsScrew DiameterScrew L/DMotor Power (Kw)Output (Kg)Download
DR-DS-55/20D552015 Kw70 - 80 Kg Datasheet
DR-DS-67/22D672222 Kw120 Kg Datasheet
DR-DS-68/25D682528 Kw180 Kg Datasheet
DR-DS-75/25D752530 Kw250 Kg Datasheet
DR-DS-90/25D902545 Kw350 Kg Datasheet
DR-DS-110/25D11025110 Kw600 Kg Datasheet
DR-DS-135/25D13525120 Kw9000 - 1000 Kg Datasheet

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