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Inserter (Round Dripper)

DRTS Round Dripper Inserter

This high-speed servo driven round dripper inserting machine is built using the same insertion concept as the flat drip machines. The belt driven machines allows you to reach speeds of up to 500 drippers per minute without compromising on the spacing accuracy. This unit is easily integrated to any existing production line and can provide a substantial upgrade to your current production process.

Insertion Machine Quick Overview

A quality dripper insertion machine is the key to producing inline drip irrigation pipe. Sitting at the head of the pipe production line the dripper inserting machine inserts drippers at custom intervals into the fresh pipe as it is produced. The DRTS inserting machine has an insertion rate of up to 500 drippers/min at a line speed up to 120 m/min and allows for a minimum spacing of 150 mm between drippers.

Inserting Machine Technical Specifications

Capacity: 500 dripper/min. 30-70mm length of drippers
Diameters: 12-20mm
Minimum Inserting Space: 20mm
Servo Motors: Kollmorgan/Siemens/Lenze
Servo Drivers: Kollmorgan/Siemens/Lenze
Touch Panel: 7” Kollmorgan
Max Line Speed: 120m/min
Tolerances between inserted drippers: – + %5

Additional Details
  • Bowl Feeder covered by Plexiglass
  • Continuous feedback dripper conveying system
  • Very accurate Servo inserting system. It can work continuous and Step-Mode
  • Special Cooling Tubes located in the crosshead for different dripper types
  • Dripper unloading system
  • Uniform spacing -Group Spacing -Dripper counting

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ModelPipe Dia (mm)Dripline TypeMax. Pulling Speed (m/min)Download
DRBI-500Up to 500 per/minUp to 120 m/min150 mm Datasheet

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