5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Drip Irrigation Machinery Manufacturer

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When choosing your drip irrigation machinery manufacturer, you are not only purchasing machinery but the continued professional support you will need in order to operate your facility. This is why choosing the right machinery manufacturer, is key to running a successful drip irrigation piping manufacturing business. Your choice of drip irrigation machinery manufacturer will affect your business both when starting up as well as in the long term, in critical factors such as costs, ease of operation, product quality and availability.

To aid in an informed decision, here are 5 things to consider when choosing a drip irrigation machinery manufacturer.

1. Full range of services

Even as early as the planning phase, you need a manufacturer that can serve as a professional consultant for technical, business and funding aspects for your drip irrigation machinery. This way you can start with a comprehensive plan that will take into account critical factors from early on and be easier to implement in the long run.

DRTS offers a range of comprehensive services which, include access to funding, subsidies, financing opportunities. We also make use of our 35 years of market experience to help consult on business, market and technical inquiries. DRTS can also help you gain access to blank, non-branded products or do OEM production, in order to test your target market and know what to expect for when you commercialize your own drip irrigation products.

2. Industry experience & successful track record

Your manufacturer of choice should have vertical industrial expertise as a drip irrigation machinery manufacturer, with a long and proven track record of success. This is your greatest assurance that you will receive the required quality of machinery and ongoing support.

Industry experience

DRTS has operated for more than 35 years as a drip irrigation machinery manufacturer and has helped over 500 businesses of all sizes to start up and thrive as sustainable and profitable drip irrigation pipe making facilities. This experience has led to offerings of rugged, high quality equipment, with high production speeds, low maintenance requirements and tailored options according to each customer’s needs.

Success stories

DRTS’ clientele spans from large global corporations to small independent manufacturers in emerging markets. For example Sujay Irrigation in Bangalore, India has risen from a local manufacturer, utilizing DRTS equipment and ongoing services, to currently the top provider in one state, ranking in the top ten providers in two other states of India, having covered over 24,000 farms with an approximate area of 65,000 hectares of land.

Turnkey solutions

With DRTS you can have just one supplier responsible for your whole production line (one stop shop). With a complete range of product offerings and turnkey production lines for round & flat drip irrigation, PVC and plain pipe (HDPE/PPR) you can be sure of timely and successful product line installation and operation. This eliminates the pains of having to deal with multiple suppliers for different parts of a line. Your technical support, spare parts and all support are found in a single place.

3. Quick response time

In choosing your drip irrigation machinery manufacturer, you must take into account the important factor of the manufacturer’s response time. Slow response time can lead to costly downtime and delayed order delivery. DRTS consistently achieves quick response times, with a capable team of specialized engineers and support personnel, aided by the world class vendors of parts and latest technologies DRTS uses in it’s machines.

4. Remote support

In the long term, a drip irrigation machinery manufacturer must provide excellent ongoing after sales support for servicing and maintaining, equipment integration and optimization. To that end, the right manufacturer should offer comprehensive remote support options.

DRTS provides machines that can connect to the internet and be accessed remotely for diagnosing and troubleshooting by it’s specialized team of engineers. For manual or simpler operating equipment, DRTS offers access to phone and internet support.

These options result in timely and cost effective troubleshooting, increased machine availability, reduced downtimes, large gains for productivity and low per unit production cost.

5. Installation & training support

Your drip irrigation machinery manufacturer of choice must be able to fully support you in the installation, personnel training, starting up, maintaining and operating of your equipment.

DRTS is able to provide engineering specialists for:

  • on site equipment installation, ensuring your equipment is properly installed and in full working order right from the start.
  • on site training of operators and technicians to set up, adjust, operate, maintain and troubleshoot your production machinery, providing your workforce with the necessary knowledge and tools to run your production operations smoothly and trouble-free.

While planning for, setting up, or operating your drip irrigation machinery can be challenging, DRTS has the experience and infrastructure to help in every step of the process. Contact a representative to discuss your specific needs, get a free consultation and a price quote that fits your budget.