Turnkey Production Lines

Flat 1000 Pipe Production Line

DRTS Flat-1000 Turnkey Pipe Production Line

The DRTS Flat-1000 turnkey production line is designed for insertion and perforation of up to 1000 drippers per minute and a line speed of up to 200 meters of flat drip irrigation pipe per minute.

This production line is fit for production of pipes from 0.15mm and up to 0.9mm wall-thickness. Our machines are designed to run with both PC and NPC flat drippers as per the clients requirement and dripper design.

Centrifugal Feeder & High Speed Vision System

The Flat-1000 inserting machine utilized a centrifugal bowl feeder and a dripper accumulator to ensure continuous dripper supply without intervention. This production line also includes a high speed vision system to ensure hole location and hole quality.

Our Flat 1000 Production Line allows you to produce quality flat dripper irrigation pipe at highly efficient speeds without sacrificing the integrity of your finished product.

Thin / Thick Wall

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