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Dripper Hole Inspection System

DRTS HDPE Round Pipe Dripper Hole Inspection System

The dripper hole inspection system takes detailed photographs of your round drip irrigation pipe after it is perforated to inspect the location and size of the hole made in the dripper. If your pipe is being perforated out of sync or is failing to fully puncture the drippers the inspection system alerts you and automatically corrects the hole placement. This allows you to adjust your line on the fly without producing coils of scrapped product.

How Does the Dripper Vision System Work?

The dripper vision system takes a number of steps to ensure that you only produce the highest quality drip irrigation piping.

When your freshly produced drip irrigation pipe makes its way out of the vacuum and cooling tank is it brought through the perforating machine that serves to perforate small outlet holes in the dripper to allow water to pass through the labyrinth.

Once perforated, the pipe is passes by a pair of brushes that help remove any plastic pellets that may have stuck to the pipe during perforation.

From there the pipe is passed through a small chamber where two high speed cameras snap pictures of each dripper as it passes to ensure that holes have been successfully punctured and are in the correct place.

Each dripper that passes through the vision system is displayed on a screen above allowing you to see exactly where the pipe was perforated. An alert system is set up to let you know when drippers are not being properly perforated or if there are instances of missing or double drippers. It also has an auto-adjust feature that automatically gives the perforator a command on hole position correction.

Watch our Dripper Vision System in Action

Technical Description

1.The dripper vision system is comprised of a vision controller connected to 2 cameras labeled Camera 1 – Camera 2.

2. Cameras 1 and 2 are installed on opposite sides of the pipe directly after the perforator and are used to inspect the water outlet holes on each dripper that goes through the perforator. Camera 1 inspects the operator side of the dripper, while camera 2 checks the opposite side.

3. The user interface of the vision system consists of a 19″ LCD screen mounted on a swing arm and a handheld console allowing you to see each dripper after itis photographed.

4. Additional user controls are available on a 7″ HMI touchscreen mounted on the door of the electrical panel.

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