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Haul Off (Puller)

DRTS Pipe Haul-Off/Puller

Our Pipe Haul-Offs (Pipe Pullers) are servo motor driven to increase precision and production speed. We provide Haul-Off units for pipes ranging from 6mm to 630mm (see also drip irrigation haul-off models)

Our Haul-Offs utilize a unique mechanism to prevent pipe ovality while our unique belt design assures proper pulling without slippage. The DRTS Haul-Offs require little or no maintenance at all, giving you ease of mind and production confidence.

ModelPipe Dia (mm)No. of ArmsMax. Pulling Speed (m/min)Download
DMBC 75-2K16 - 75 mm260 m/min Datasheet
DMBC 160-3K32 -160 mm322 m/min Datasheet
DMBC 250-4K50 - 150 mm411 m/min Datasheet
DMBC 400-6K63 - 400 mm
68.6 m/min Datasheet
DMBC 630-6K90 - 630 mm94 m/min Datasheet

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