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Extrusion Die-Heads

DRTS Extrusion Die-Heads

DRTS offers a range of pipe extrusion die-heads for PE, PPR and PVC pipes up to 630mm. The DRTS 3 Layer Pipe Extrusion Die-Head offers some of the most innovative die-head technology on the market. The Die-Head allows you to utilizes recycled material for up to 80% of your piping, saving you money while maintaining the quality and integrity of your pipes.

The DRTS 3 Layer Pipe Extrusion Die-Head can be configured in the production of single, double, or 3 layer pipe. This method of production can be applied to both new and existing pipe production lines.

3 Layer Die-Head
  • Cost saving
  • Up to 80% recycled materials
  • Can be adapted to existing and new production lines
  • Can be configured as Single/Double/Three Layer
  • ABA and ABC configurations (with or without stripes)
  • Can be used for drip irrigation as well as PE, PPR, and PVC pipes
  • Up to 630mm (160mm for PPR)

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