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DRTS Pipe Cutter

The DRTS Pipe Cutters are specifically designed for PE, PPR and PVC pipes from 16mm – 630mm (see drip irrigation cutters for diameters 6mm – 32mm). Our cutters are chipless for PE and PPR pipes up to 250mm in diameter and comes with a chamfer option for PVC pipes ranging from 40mm – 630mm.

Our cutters are in compliance with modern safety standards and manufactured to operate in complete synchronization with your extrusion line. The trolley movement is driven either by a servo motor or by pneumatics and the pipe cutting diameter does not require mechanical adjustment but, can be set using the PLC control system.

ModelPipe Dia (mm)Max Cutting ThicknessCutting Speed (m/min)Download
DMPT 7516 - 75 mmPE:15 mm PVC: 4 mm30 m/min Datasheet
DMPT 16050 - 160 mmPE: 22 mm PVC: 10 mm22 m/min Datasheet
DMPT 25050 - 250 mmPE: 28 mm PVC: 18 mm12 m/min Datasheet
DMPT 40063 - 400 mmPE: 42 mm PVC: 25 mm
8 m/min Datasheet
DMPT 630160 - 630 mmPE: 60 mm PVC: 25 mm4 m/min Datasheet

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