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DRTS Pipe Cutter

The DRTS Pipe Cutters are specifically designed for PE, PPR and PVC pipes from 16mm - 630mm (see drip irrigation cutters for diameters 6mm - 32mm). Our cutters are chipless for PE and PPR pipes up to 250mm in diameter and comes with a chamfer option for PVC pipes ranging from 40mm - 630mm.

Our cutters are in compliance with modern safety standards and manufactured to operate in complete synchronization with your extrusion line. The trolley movement is driven either by a servo

ModelPipe Dia (mm)Max Cutting ThicknessCutting Speed (m/min)Download
DMPT 7516 - 75 mmPE:15 mm PVC: 4 mm30 m/min Datasheet
DMPT 16050 - 160 mmPE: 22 mm PVC: 10 mm22 m/min Datasheet
DMPT 25050 - 250 mmPE: 28 mm PVC: 18 mm12 m/min Datasheet
DMPT 40063 - 400 mmPE: 42 mm PVC: 25 mm
8 m/min Datasheet
DMPT 630160 - 630 mmPE: 60 mm PVC: 25 mm4 m/min Datasheet

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