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Nano/Micro Tape Production Line

DRTS Nano/Micro Turnkey Tape Production Line

The DRTS Nano/Micro dripper production line is designed to insert and perforate nano/micro drippers at a rate of up to 2000 dripper per minute and produce 200 meters of nano/micro strip tape per minute. The Nano/Micro production line is fit for production of pipes from 0.13mm to 0.33mm wall-thickness and with minimum spacing of 10cm between drippers. This is the ideal production line and product for customers looking to introduce thin-wall, low flow drip irrigation pipes to their market.

Nano/Micro Tape vs Strip Tape

Nano/Micro Tape with the integrated miniature Nano/Micro dripper offers many advantages over continuous strip tape. Less material is used in the Nano/Micro Tape reducing production costs, infinite flexibility of drip spacing, ultra high speed of production with fully reliable vision system to detect perforations, and finally the production line costs vs output speeds of the Nano/Micro line is much more attractive than a strip tape production line.

Thin Wall Pipe Production Line

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