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Cross-Head (3 Layer)

DRTS 3 Layer Cross-Head

The 3 layer technology we offer allows the pipe manufacturer to reduce the cost of the raw material by using recycled material for about 80% of the pipe material. The inner layer (10%) and outer layer (10%) of the pipe will still use prime raw material so the outside surface and the inside surface touching and integrating the dripper is of prime material and will keep the performance and integrity of the dripper.

We can also add numerous colored lines on the pipe as per your request. This technology can also be used on plain pipe in most sizes and save the cost of the pipe while maintaining good quality of the finished product.

ModelPipe Diameter (mm)Layer ConfigurationStripesDownload
DEMBK16-20-312 - 32 mmABA or ABCOptional 1 - 4 Datasheet

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