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Cross-Head (3 Layer)

DRTS 3 Layer Cross-Head

Save money on virgin raw materials in an environmentally safe way with the DRTS 3 Layer Crosshead (Diehead). The 3 Layer Crosshead allows pipe manufacturers to produce 3 layer pipe that utilize up to 80% recycled materials for pipe production. One of the greatest benefits of the 3 layer cross head is that it not only saves you money but is an environmentally friendly solutions that your clients will feel comfortable with while allowing you to provide the same high quality drip irrigation pipe they have come to rely on.

Why Do I Need a 3 Layer Cross Head?

A 3 layer Diehead allows you to produce drip irrigation, pe, pvc and ppr pipe that has 3 different layers. The outer and inner layer can be comprised of quality virgin raw material and the center core material (80% of the pipe) is made up of recycled materials. This allows you to save money on virgin raw materials while maintaining the functionality and integrity of your finished product.

ABA and ABC Configurations

Our 3 layer Crosshead/Diehead can be set up to produce pipe with a few different layer configurations, the two most common are ABA and ABC. The letters A, B and C denote the different layers and the materials used to make each with B denoting the recycled center layer. The same Crosshead/Diehead can be used for single or double layer pipe production.

ABA Layer Configuration

This configuration allows for 2 material to be used during production. Material A is virgin raw material and material B is recycled Material. The 3 layer cross head will produce a pipe that has a core made out of up to 80% recycled material and an inner and outer layer comprised of virgin raw material. This allows for your pipe to look and perform as equally to a 100% virgin material pipe, thus saving money on raw material.

3 layer pipe ABA

If we look at the above image you can clearly see that the A layers make up the thin outer and inner parts of the pipe and the B layer is the black recycled core center.

ABC Layer Configuration

The ABC layer configuration allows you to use 3 different materials in the total pipe composition with the inner layer being made up of 80% recycled material and the A and C layers being comprised of different materials.

3 layer pipe ABC

For example, if we look at the above image the thin purple outer layer is the A layer, the thicker center layer is the B recycled core and the thin inner grey layer is comprised of the C material.

Inner and Outer Stripes

Our 3 layer Crosshead/Diehead allows you to add up to 4 different colored stripes to the outer layer. Colored stripes on the outer layer are commonly used in the pipe manufacturing business to denote different uses such as water, gas or sewer as well as distinguish companies products by stripe color.

In addition the option of internal stripes is also available. These internal stripes are used to introduce certain chemicals or materials to the inner part of the pipe which would travel with the flow of the liquid.

3 layer pipe ABA w Stripes3 layer pipe ABC w Stripes

Gravimetric Feeder System – The Key to Quality 3 Layer Production

The gravimetric system provides a few key features to assure a proper pipe production, especially when running 3 layer pipes.

The gravimetric system first and foremost serves as your material mixing station. It allows you to combine a large variety of materials into a precise mixture that will provide pipe material consistency to each layer.

Additionally, with the line control feature, the gravimetric system will control the extruders RPM to ensure that every 1 meter of pipe weighs precisely the same throughout the production run. In 3 layer pipe having consistent material supply, well mixed and uniform output is crucial especially for the thinner A and C layers.

**Watch our 3 layer die head in action.

3 Layer Extruder Integration Examples

The below table contains images of actual extruders DRTS has retrofitted for our customers to start manufacturing with 3 layer pipe technology.

3 Layer ABC pipe with inner + outer stripes
(5 extruders) mixing of 12 different materials.

DRTS 3 layer cross head with gravimetric feeder system
Upgrade to ABC pipe production utilizing
customers existing extruder for the B layer

DRTS 3 Layer Pipe Project Example 2
ABA+outer stripe dripline production

DRTS 3 Layer Pipe Project Example 3

3 Layer Cross Head Features

The DRTS 3 Layer ABA/ABC pipe technology allows the pipe manufacturers to reduce production costs by using up to 80% recycled/off-spec material.

  • Can substantially save on raw material costs
  • Maintains product outer and inner visual integrity
  • Maintains product functional integrity
  • No compromise on product quality
  • Adjustable layer thicknesses
  • One head can produce 1, 2 or 3 layer
  • Stripes on inner and outer surface of the pipe is optional
  • Can be adapted to most pipe production lines (HDPE, DRIP)
  • Available for a wide range of sizes from 12mm and up.

Available in a package deal to include:

  • 3 layer head
  • Layer extruders
  • Screen changers (for main + layer extruders)

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ModelPipe Diameter (mm)Layer ConfigurationStripesDownload
DEMBK16-20-312 - 32 mmABA or ABCOptional 1 - 4 Datasheet

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