Turnkey Production Lines

PVC Turnkey Production Lines

DRTS PVC Turnkey Pipe Production Line

DRTS offers complete turnkey production lines for PVC pipe. We offer a wide range of twin screw extruders in various sizes and capacities. Our screw design is customized based on the material combination our clients require, ensuring homogeneous mixture, better plastification and efficiency. Our PVC production lines come in a wide range of configurations capable of producing pipes from 16mm all the way up to 630mm. We offer complete sets of toolings for various pipe classes (PN/SDR) required in the industry. Our cutting units provide our clients the option of making a chamfer on the pipe during the cutting process.

DRTS strives to keep at the forefront of pipe production innovation continually introducing new technologies that are geared towards our customers benefit. Our technology for the production of 3 layer PVC pipe has been a great success among our clients.

What’s Included
Optional All DRTS machinery can be also supplied and purchased as a standalone unit
providing you with the ability to upgrade machines in your existing production lines.

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