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Perforator (Round Dripper)

DRTS Round Dripper Perforator

The DRTS Servo Perforator can be easily installed on an existing line without making any major changes. The perforator has its own line speed encoder making it an autonomous machine and is capable of perforating up to 500 drippers per minute. Dripper spacing measurement as well as historical reports can be retrieved directly from the PLC or via USB port. Additionally, the dripper hole position can be adjusted via the touchscreen at a resolution of +/- 0.01mm. The depth of the hole can also be adjusted during operation at a resolution of +/- 0.1mm

What is the Function of a Dripper Perforating Machine?

Our round dripper perforating machine punctures pipe to create equally spaced water outlets for drip irrigation pipe. The drilling mechanism is set via HMI to perforate pipe at the desired location relative to the dripper pools. This perforator machine can punch up to 4 holes per dipper at varying dripper lengths at up to 500 drippers perforated a minute.

Dripper Auto Correction Vision System

The perforator machine can also be combined with a dripper hole inspection system that uses cameras to ensure that holes are being drilled in the correct place and at equal intervals. The system can automatically recognize and correct perforation errors allowing you to produce only high quality pipe and save on scraped coils.

Ensure that you only produce the highest quality drip irrigation pipe that performs consistently with minimal variance between each dripper with our servo perforator machine.

Drip Irrigation Pipe Perorator Technical Specifications

Capacity: 500 dripper/min. 30-70mm length of drippers
No of Holes: 1-4 holes
Suitable for Diameter: 12mm – 20mm
Minimum Spacing: 15 cm
Pipe Speed: Up to 120 m/min
Center Height: 1060mm
Dimensions: L:1400mm W:1150mm H:1250mm
PLC Panel: 5.7 inch Touchscreen – KOLLMORGAN
Servo Driver + PLC: 2x KOLLMORGAN
Servo Motor: 2x KOLLMORGAN
Air Motor: 70.000 RPM
Air Requirement: 6 BAR
Plastic Chip Vacuum: Optional

Perforator Product Features
  • Gives Quality Control Trends
  • High Accuracy of Hole Location
  • Easy and Quick Drill Depth Adjustment
  • Easy Integration to any existing production line
  • No Maintenance Required

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ModelPerforation RateHolesMinimum drilling distanceDownload
DRSP-500Up to 500 per/min1-4 holes100 mm Datasheet

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