3 Things to Consider When Choosing an Extruder Machine Manufacturer

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As with any investment in industrial machinery, equally important to selecting the right extruder for your application is your selection of the manufacturer of your extruder machine. It is a choice that will affect your everyday operations and your company’s bottom line for years to come, as you operate to amortize equipment costs, increase profits and achieve the highest return on your investment.

Track record of success

As the saying goes “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior”, and the same is true for an extruder machine manufacturer. When choosing a manufacturer, key factors to consider are reliability and experience. You need to be certain your manufacturer of choice will be present and able to support you throughout the operating lifetime of the extruder. The best proof of a manufacturer’s dependability and industry experience is a long and successful track record.

DRTS has over 35 years of industry experience and more than 500 factory installations worldwide, with a clientele spanning from international corporations to small independent pipe manufacturers in emerging markets in more than 30 countries. This extensive industry experience makes DRTS a trustworthy manufacturer, able to provide sourcing as well as ongoing support, from a simple extruder machine to an entire turnkey pipe extrusion manufacturing facility.

Quality of components

An equally important factor to consider when choosing an extruder machine manufacturer, is the quality of products and services provided.

When it comes to the numerous components used on an extruder machine, consider manufacturers that only use high quality components from globally available brand names. DRTS uses parts made by world class industry leaders such as Siemens, ABB, Omron, Schneider and Reiloy Metal. This way, a few years down the road if a component needs to be upgraded, repaired or replaced, no problems will arise in sourcing or integrating a spare part.


Extruder Features a Zambello Gearbox & your Choice of ABB/Siemens/Baumuller Motors.

DRTS Extruder Gearbox & Motor
Screw & Barrel

Our Extruders Utilize a Bimetallic Screw & Barrel from Reiloy.

DRTS Extruder Screw & Barrel


Our Extruder Have a 12 Inch HMI comprised of components from B&R / Siemens / Omron.

DRTS Extruder HMI / PLC


DRTS Pipe Extruders Exclusively Feature Industry Leading Electronics Brands.

DRTS Extruder Electronics

However, using high quality parts is just the first step towards making a quality extruder machine. Factors such as equipment assembly, electronics and plc control, user friendly hmi, downstream or upstream extruder integration options, proper tools for equipment monitoring, easy operation and troubleshooting, are equally critical and dependent on the manufacturer. DRTS’ extensive field experience has lead to the optimization of such factors, resulting in extruder machines that provide optimum operation, excellent product and great value for money.

DRTS Extruder Component Breakdown
Screw & Barrel:
Bimetallic (Germany) or Nitreated DIN 1.8850
Main Motor:
ABB / Siemens / Baumuller
ABB / Siemens / Baumuller
HMI/PLC Control:
12” B&R/Siemens/Omron
PC Control:
Optional 19”
Zambello – Italy
Heating Elements:
Ceramic Heaters + Aluminium Separators
Melt-Pressure Sensor:
Gerfan – Italy
Electric Components:
Wago – ABB – Siemens – Schneider
Solid State Relays:
Celduc / France
Air Condition:
Quality of service & support

Quality is not limited to just the extruder machine itself, but also pertains to the ongoing support provided in every step of the way. DRTS delivers on its promise of exceptional customer care by providing support throughout the buying process. We also are happy to provide our expertise in   installation, personnel training, operation, ongoing maintenance and even market prospecting.

As technology advances, equipment becomes more effective and also more complex, making customer support a very important factor to consider when choosing an extruder machine manufacturer. Even small downtimes in the extruder operation can lead to production losses and consequently to increased operating costs.

DRTS provides its extruder machines with remote control and connectivity options, allowing for specialized DRTS technicians to remotely connect to the machine interface and directly monitor and troubleshoot any operation issues. This makes for best in class customer support, through direct resolving of any extruder issues, without you having to pay for unnecessary technician visits or costly production halts.

DRTS: Custom Plastic Pipe Extruder Experts

You can benefit from the extensive industry experience of DRTS. Contact a representative and find out everything you need to know about DRTS extruder machines, discover the best solution for your needs and get a price quote.

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