The Importance of a Bimetallic Extruder Screw & Barrel

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bimetallic screw extruder

As a plastic pipe manufacturer, saving costs during production is of the utmost importance. Yet, at the end of the day your products are only as good as the machines that produce them. So, investing in machinery comprised of high quality components should be a no-brainer.

Many plastic pipe manufacturers are often curious why it is important to have an extruder machine with a bimetallic screw and barrel. The answer is simple; Bimetallic screws and barrels have hard protective coatings (typically 1-2 mm in thickness) on the working surface enabling manufacturers to extrude pipe with materials that can be hard to work with, while providing a durable and reliable production experience.

Why You Need A Tough Extruder

Producing plastic pipe with recycled or off-spec plastics, can take a toll on an extruder machine. When buying a new extruder your best option is to choose one with a bimetallic screw and barrel as it will allow you to use a range of cost saving materials like recycled or off spec plastic without sacrificing the health of your extruder machine.

A bimetallic screw and barrel allow for optimal extruder performance, strength, resistance to fatigue, and increased process control. Throughout the lifetime of an extruder machine there are several factors that will put extra strain on the extruder, the following are the most important.

Recycled Or Off-Spec Raw Materials

Using recycled materials to produce drip irrigation or plain plastic pipes is a great ECO friendly option for reducing waste while cutting down on overall materials costs.

Unfortunately reground plastics can contain impurities, particulates, and plastic additives that may cause additional wear or unpredictable behavior during the extrusion process. Additionally, while recycled material can be rough, unclean, and harsh on the extruder a bimetallic screw and barrel provide smooth production even after prolonged usage with recycled or off-spec materials.

The DRTS Multi-Layer Cross-Head

DRTS provides the 3 Layer Cross-Head for pipe manufacturers to reduce their cost of raw material by replacing approximately 80% of virgin raw material with recycled plastic. The cross head covers the middle layer containing recycled plastic with the inner and outer layers being made up by the remaining 20% virgin material. This allows for these highly cost effective pipes to carry drinking water since the recycled core of the pipe cannot come in contact with the freshwater.

Cross section of 3 layer pipe utilizing recycled materials.

The 3 layer cross head allows manufacturers to add up to four colored stripes. The use of a 3 layer cross head can seriously help manufacturers looking to save money without sacrificing the quality of their pipes.

Manufacturing With PVC

PVC, the world’s third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer introduces another issue for extruders without bimetallic components. The increased friction caused by the raw PVC material causes additional strain to an extruder, which is why PVC extruder machines need twin screws. Moreover even with two screws, rough materials like PVC or recycled plastic can be detrimental to the extruders health.

Choosing an extruder machine with a bimetallic twin screw and barrel for PVC pipe production can counteract premature wear, reduce maintenance needs, and result in energy consumption savings.

The Advantages of a High Quality Extruder

Purchasing a durable extruder has both economic and quality advantages. First such an extruder will require less periodic maintenance which saves up on production down times as well as maintenance spare parts costs. In addition a tough extruder can easily handle recycled or off spec materials saving raw materials costs.

The extruder is the heart of your pipe production line and more than any other piece of machinery it affects the quality of your finished product most. A quality extruder generally will require less maintenance if operated properly, saving on production down times, replacement of parts, energy consumption and will allow you to make use of recycled or off spec materials without causing harm to your finished product or extruder.

DRTS Single & Twin Screw Pipe Extruder Components
  • Screw & Barrel: Reiloy (Bimetallic)
  • Motor & Drive: ABB / Baumuller / Siemens
  • Gearbox: Zambello
  • HMI/PLC: B&R / Omron / Siemens
  • Electronics: Celduc / Schneider Electric / Siemens / Wago
DRTS’ Bimetallic Extruders

DRTS offers a wide range of bimetallic screw and barrel extruders, using parts from world class manufacturers such as ABB, Siemens, Baumuller, Zambello, and Schneider. These tough extruders have top notch water closed circuit barrel cooling systems, and ceramic heating elements for the barrels.

Our extruder machines are designed for low energy consumption, and each part is designed and manufactured to provide optimum operational conditions and a long service life. So if you are looking for an extruder machine that is built to last, contact us and learn more about how DRTS can supply you with a quality extruder right for your business.

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