When Should I Consider a Nano Dripper?

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What are Nano and Micro Drippers?

Thin walled irrigation tape with miniature flat drippers, such as the DRTS Nano and Micro drippers, is a fast growing segment competing with strip tape. Miniature flat drippers weigh approximately 0.1 grams and have many benefits over traditional low cost continuous strip drippers found in drip-tape. The miniature size of the dripper is newly enabled by high accuracy molding technology and efficient labyrinth design.

Why Should I add a Nano Dripper to My Product Line?

Low cost thin walled irrigation tape is popular for single season usage applications or where system cost is a primary concern. Thin walled tape with integrated Nano or Micro drippers is the best choice for manufacturers entering this market as it has many advantages over drip tape and other thin walled products.

Unlike other drip tapes, the Nano and Micro drippers are inserted in driplines during production of the tape only where required, eliminating waste of raw material (75-80% of the product costs). The material savings when comparing miniature flat drippers to larger drippers or even continuous strip drippers can substantially reduce production costs. Miniature flat drippers also are ideal for very high production speeds above 200 m/min (650 ft/min). And when comparing product/flow change over times to strip drip-tape the time savings are substantial.

Still, today’s thin-wall, low flow, drip irrigation tape market is dominated primarily by two thin-wall products: Strip-Tape and Nano-Tape. However when thin-wall continuous strip tape is bent, the water-emitting slit can be stretched or distorted and lose its shape, allowing soil particles to enter the system, slowing or blocking water flow and eliminating much of its surface/subsurface benefit. Miniature flat drippers use round outlets which are backed by an injection molded rigid dripper which protects the pipe around the outlet from stretching rendering the Nano-Tape a more robust product. Due to the higher quality and durability of the injection molded Nano and Micro drippers they can be reused over more than one season.

The DRTS Nano and Micro drippers, are super compact emitters, that provide cost effective performance with a unique and efficient turbulent-flow labyrinth design while reducing cost of production. This innovative design delivers excellent clogging resistance, and therefore, a consistently dependable flow ensuring all crops and plants receive ample water.  

Adding Nano Drippers to Your Product Line

At DRTS we provide drip irrigation production machinery and technology to independent drip irrigation manufacturers of all sizes, worldwide. We sell turnkey production lines for a variety of drip irrigation products, including the Nano/Micro Dripper. Our trained technicians will install the production line and train your workforce. This is followed by continuous support and developing new technologies to ensure that our customers remain competitive in today’s global markets.

While our Nano dripper is currently the popular choice for adding a profitable turnkey high performance production line, our machines are compatible with all drippers available on the market. With DRTS you can be a completely independent manufacturer of drip irrigation piping and drippers.