What to Look for in a Pipe Coiler

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Pipe Coilers (or winders) operate at the end of a pipe extrusion line to receive the produced pipe and coil it to a finished product pipe roll. There are a number of factors to consider in selecting the pipe coiler that is right for your application.

Flexible operation

Operational pipe coiler flexibility is important in terms of both easy integration and operation with your current pipe production line, as well as being able to support future changes in speed, productivity and size ranges of produced pipe. To that end, DRTS offers a range of pipe coilers and options, that allow for flexible and versatile operation.

Coiling control

DRTS offers pipe coilers that assure proper coiling and consistent coil dimensions, using:

  • Reel rotation driven by brushless servo drives for precise control
  • Constant tension control during winding by digitally controlled disk brake system
  • Digitally controlled and precise coil length
  • Integrated pipe guide system for evenly distributed reel coiling without overlaps
Operation & integration

DRTS offers standalone, semi automatic and fully automatic pipe coilers. The semi and fully automatic coilers operation can be combined with a pipe accumulator to provide for steady pipe production line operation, free from microstops even when changing from a finished coil to start a new coil.

Semi automatic pipe coilers

Semi-automatic coilers have two reels in series or in parallel (for larger pipe diameters) and can support simple coiling operation. The operator can use an optional strapping machine, shrink wrapping machine, and off-load a finished coil while the next coil is winding. The double station coiler also supports recoiling of an already produced coil. Recoiling allows utilization of the good sections of a produced coil which would normally be scrapped, resulting in production savings.

Fully automatic pipe coilers

Fully Automatic coilers also have two reels but operate at higher speeds than semi automatic coilers (up to 130 m/min). They also feature built in automatic strapping, so human intervention is not required, other than for the operator to collect the finished pipe coil. There are also automatic coilers that are specially designed for flat drip irrigation pipe that can coil at speeds of up to 200 mpm.

Easy pipe size changeover

Another factor to look for in a pipe coiler, is how easily it can be changed over from one pipe size to another, as well as the time it takes to set up whenever starting the production of a new coil. DRTS pipe coilers have coiling reel and pipe size tooling that can be quickly changed over between pipe sizes within the coiler’s range.

Size & speed range

The range of pipe size and production speeds is also an important factor to look for in a pipe coiler. DRTS offers pipe coilers that support a wide range of pipe diameters, from 6mm all the way up to 110 mm. All pipe coilers have adjustable coil dimensions such as width, inside and outside diameters, so that you can produce the pipe coil suitable for every application and service different market or customer needs.

Pipe coilers should also have a multitude of coiling speeds. DRTS’s pipe coilers support a wide range of coiling speeds, from 0.1m to 250m per minute, depending on the pipe coiler model.

Quality of construction

As with any machine, a critical factor to look for in a pipe coiler is quality of parts and construction. Every DRTS pipe coiler has a robust construction and comes complete with protective enclosure and safety measures, according to international standards. Moreover, DRTS pipe coilers use high quality components from world class leading industrial brands, such as:

  • SIEMENS, B&R (PLC Control Unit, HMI Touch Panel)
  • ABB, Lenze (Motors & Drive Inverters)

DRTS recently published a detailed report on pipe extrusion technology and machinery, including pipe coilers. Download your copy of the DRTS 2018 Pipe Extrusion Technology Update to gain an insight into the current state as well as latest trends in pipe extrusion technology.


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