Dripper Highlight: Sandguard NPC Clog Resistant Dripper

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While as a drip irrigation pipe manufacturer the quality of your pipe is important, the drip emitters inside of your pipe are the core of any drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation pipe delivers precise amounts of water directly to the plants roots, optimizing soil dampness while saving water normally lost to deep percolation, overflow/runoff and evaporation compared to other irrigation methods.

Drippers are the components that bring the necessary functionality to drip irrigation systems. Every dripper is intended to suit different types of troublesome soil conditions, water needs of different crops, difficult water quality and various other necessities of farming.

DRTS’ Sandguard NPC clog resistant dripper was specifically developed for use with well water and other extreme clog resistance needs.

Below you will find how this drip irrigation emitter type is equally best for end users and manufacturers alike, providing top notch performance for difficult environments and conditions, performing with the necessary drip rate stability.

DRTS Sandguard NPC Clog Resistant Dripper

The Sandguard NPC clog resistant dripper, specifically designed for well water by utilizing an enlarged flowpath cross-section, long labyrinth and raised filter to make a farming dripper with superb clogging resistance. Its design is so efficient that it allows a long flowpath while remaining compact in size. Both its technical as well as its features attributes, make it an ideal case for manufacturers and growers using well water.

Advantages for End Users

Sandguard comes in two ranges of flow rates, 2 and 4 litres per hour, covering the necessities of almost any drip irrigation installation. Its low coefficient of variation (CV<5%) guarantees flow consistency between drip outlets even in extremely challenging cases, as with well water.

Even with the slow and unavoidable sedimentation on the surface labyrinth, sandguard ensures non-clogging of the emitter due to its long labyrinth and expansive cross-sectional structure. Furthermore the raised filter draws from water that is nearer to the center of the pipe where water moves at higher speeds, as opposed to near its sides.

The higher speed helps keep the filter surface clean while the elevated filter entrance prevents solids from settling on it among flow cycles, regardless of dripper orientation in the pipe. Finally, Sandguard is produced using exclusively quality raw materials, guaranteeing UV resistance and chemical inertness for a long service life.

These characteristics make for a reliable dripper, permitting end users to be positive about uniform irrigation outcomes, from an accurately installed drip irrigation pipe fitted with Sandguard™ drippers.

Advantages for Pipe Manufacturers

The Sandguard dripper is available for 16mm and 20mm pipe. Features such as increased dimensional stability and optimized geometry, make Sandguard a dripper that is easy for manufacturers to work with, by offering easy insertion to pipe and reducing production line microstops or downtimes. Moreover, with its increased outer diameter, this dripper allows for high-accuracy and high speed perforation, further aiding in efficient drip irrigation pipe manufacture.

To sum up, the Sandguard is a no-clog drip emitter which can service many agricultural drip irrigation needs, while being suitable to introduce in any round drip irrigation pipe production line, making it a good choice for pipe manufacturers.

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