DRTS Brings Drip Machinery Expertise to Pipe Extrusion Machinery

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DRTS, a recognized expert in drip irrigation extrusion technology, is proud to introduce highly customizable turnkey production lines and technology for PVC, PE and PPR pipe extrusion. For nearly 30 years DRTS has supplied the irrigation industry with pipe extrusion technology at an expert level of consistency and quality. Now DRTS is offering a wide range of single and twin screw extruders as well as a full range of standalone machinery for the extrusion sector for diameters up to 630mm. Technological innovation is a strength of DRTS that has allowed us to remain at the forefront of the pipe production industry by introducing new and efficient technologies, geared towards our customer’s benefit.

Pipe manufacturers and particularly irrigation producers often have unique needs and limitations on their production lines. DRTS extruders are modular and highly customizable which allows us to adapt our extruders to the customer needs from separating the electrical cabinets from the extrusion frame, to building a unique platform to fit particular layouts. We encourage the customer to request specific electrical and mechanical components to make sure new production lines communicate with existing supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.

3 Layer Pipe Technology

A new technological advancement in pipe extrusion technology is the three-layer die head. DRTS has been upgrading many of our client’s current and new machinery to use this new three-layer pipe extrusion machinery technology. Three-layer pipe is made by layering the application-specific virgin polymer on the outside and inside, and a less expensive regrind polymer in the middle. This technology allows our clients to meet industry standards on hose quality, cut production material costs all the while remaining competitive and relevant in the expanding pipe extrusion market. Depending on the choice of materials, use of a less expensive inner polymer can cut material costs substantially, leading overtime, to significant savings.

DRTS Plastic Pipe Extruders

DRTS pipe extruders meet the highest standard of quality control, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Clients can trust the quality of the pipe for all of their uses and minimize costly quality control issues further down the line. Our extruders are comprised of high quality European brand name components such as Zambello gearboxes, Reiloy bimetallic screw & barrel, B&R/ABB/Omron PLC’s and are optimized to be low maintenance and withstand harsh factory conditions.

DRTS & Smart Manufacturing

DRTS has also designed manufacturing systems and technology specific to drip irrigation, from extrusion to the final product, with the highest quality control and efficiency. The entire production line maximizes efficiency and minimizes waste during the manufacturing process- saving you time and money.

DRTS offers high quality, high speed, rugged pipe extrusion production lines and machinery with a focus on simplicity and ease of use suited for a small and simple workforce. Contact us to find out how DRTS can provide you with industry leading pipe extrusion technology.


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