The Hybrid 2 in 1 Production Line for Flat Dripper/Tapes

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DRTS is proud to introduce our latest production line the 2 in 1 Hybrid production line for flat dripper/tapes. Our history and performance in the last 30 years positioned us as the leading supplier of drip irrigation production lines worldwide. DRTS has supplied well over 500 drip irrigation production lines in over 30 countries.

Produce Two Unique Product on One Lines

This unique production line gives manufacturers not only production independence
but production versatility. The DRTS Hybrid production line 1000 for tape/flat, allows our client to produce both flat driplines and tapes on the same production line.

Normally, drip irrigation pipe manufacturers would either need to purchase two separate production lines fr these two types of pipe or stop production entirely and switch over to a different type of dripper in the feeder bowl. Until now. The Hybrid production line is unique in that it allows for two different types of drippers, giving the manufacturer the ability to introduce a wider range of products to the market with a single production line.

The Flat dripper pipes, which use a standard sized NPC symmetrical dripper (see DRTS Centra-Flat) are best for pipes with a wall thickness of 0.3-0.9mm. These drippers and pipes are used for multi-season application.

The Tape Lines, which use a small, non-symmetrical NPC dripper (see DRTS Micro/Nano Dripper) are best for pipes with a wall thickness of 0.15-0.3mm. These Tapes are used for a single/double season application.

Only Brand Name Quality Components

Like all DRTS pipe production lines and machinery, the Hybrid Line uses only industry leading name brand components from around the world ensuring production consistency and quality.

Contact DRTS for More Information

With the ability to use two type of drippers on a single production line, the DRTS Hybrid production line 1000 for tape/flat drippers allows the manufacturer to cater to a larger client base and compete successfully with both Strip tape pipes as well as thick wall drip irrigation pipes while saving production time. Contacts us here to learn more about the about the Hybrid line and how DRTS can help your business.

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