Product Highlight: Cylindrical Dripper Drop Plug

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DRTS is proud to announce our latest addition to our drip irrigation product line; the cylindrical dripper drop plug. A Dual-Component product developed for agricultural applications to prevent the dripping of unwanted drippers. The cylindrical dripper drop plug allows farmers to both save water and strategically manage the amount of water each plant receives.

Cylindrical Dripper Drop Plug Data

Available for 16mm & 20mm OD pipes


Dual Component product, produced from a unique material combination to give an optimal result.

Hole Ø

Effective hole plugging from 2.4-4mm hole size

Hole Location

The plugging points are situated 180° from each other

Working Pressure

Up to 4 BAR pressure
UV Protection
The dripper plug is produced with UV stabilizer fit for 5-year protection

Packing Details

Box Dimensions: 28x28x24cm
16mm=3000 Parts per box
20mm=1800 Parts per box


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