The Effects of Coronavirus on Manufacturing Plastic Pipe

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With the growing uncertainty stemming from the coronavirus pandemic global markets are in turmoil. Government actions have halted non-essential manufacturing in many countries. China, where the virus first originated, had to scale back it’s manufacturing and work across the country. While this has begun to abate, supply chains around the world have been rattled causing many vendors and manufacturers to reconsider the amount in which they rely on China for goods and services.

Additionally, a number of industrialized countries like Italy and Spain have taken harsh hits to their economies and workforce causing a ripple effect around the world. Many countries are taking precautions by shutting down manufacturing, seaports and even air travel. With the world economy coming to a halt it is important for manufacturers to find a way to maintain their business even in times of trouble. Which brings us to how drip irrigation and plastic pipe manufacturers can still operate in today’s unstable climate.

The Effects on the Plastic Pipe Extrusion Industry

The effects of this virus have taken a toll on buyers seeking to purchase drip irrigation drippers and pipe extrusion machinery. The stagnation of Chinese manufacturing has caused long lead times that have no end in sight. Manufacturers of drip irrigation are beginning to see a serious need for reliable manufacturers who can consistently produce quality drippers. This is not to say that business with China should cease entirely but a smart drip irrigation manufacturer should have multiple suppliers for drippers and extrusion machinery.

The Necessity of a Secondary Supplier

Looking for a secondary manufacturer who can produce drippers during times like this so that you can continue producing and selling irrigation pipe is paramount to the success of your business. Even in times of stability it is good practice to have a backup manufacturer for things like drippers, plastic pellets and machinery. The world markets may be reacting harshly to this new virus but that does not mean that you need to stop producing irrigation products.

Beyond drip irrigation products, the entire plastic pipe extrusion market is affected by these recent developments. A number of newly developed machines and technologies allow for more automation on production lines allowing for less workers at risk during production. Factories that invested in these technologies would not have to reduce down work forces to eliminate high concentrations of workers as per government restrictions. For example an automatic coiler machine will allow for a single operator to run an extrusion line since a second operator is not needed for the stapping and switching of coiler reels.

Investing in industry 4.0 manufacturing can help save manufacturers time and money while limiting the effects of current and future global crises on their business.

DRTS — Leaders in Drip Irrigation & Plastic Pipe Extrusion

DRTS, based out of Izmir Turkey, remains open. Our drippers are designed in-house and our injection molding machines are working around the clock at full capacity allowing us to fill any order of pressure compensating or standard round and flat drippers. Additionally all of our machinery is fabricated in Istanbul and is ready for assembly and shipping on short notice. So, if you are looking to build a lasting relationship with a reliable manufacturer of cutting edge drippers and extrusion machinery DRTS is here to help. Contact us for a free consultation and learn how we can supply you with some of the best drippers on the market.

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