Converting your PE Production Line to a Drip Irrigation Line

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how to convert pe line to drip irrigation

In this article you will discover why PE pipe manufacturers can greatly benefit from converting their PE pipe production line to drip irrigation pipe, as well as what such a change would entail.

Polyethylene or PE pipe is a flexible pipe produced in a continuous process and commonly coiled into long lengths. It features excellent temperature durability, high operating pressure limits and increased chemical stability. These characteristics make it ideal for use in micro-irrigation applications, offering multiple advantages at a low cost.

Why Convert From Plain PE Pipe To Drip Irrigation

There are many reasons why you should consider converting your PE production line into a drip irrigation pipe making machine. The advantages far outweigh the costs, giving you the opportunity to differentiate from the competition.

Drip irrigation pipe can be used both for small-scale landscaping and in large-scale agricultural applications. Chances are that your existing plain PE pipe products distributors and customers already use drip irrigation piping as well.

In time you can increase the ROI (return on investment) of your existing production line, with minimal investment in new equipment. Drip irrigation installation does not require major adjustments and can easily be set at your disposal in a short time. In fact, DRTS can help you with the installation of the drip irrigation machinery into your existing production line.

Lastly, not a lot of additional personnel training is required, since your existing production line operators will quickly and easily adapt to operating the modified line. The best part of upgrading your extrusion line though is that you are only expanding and not limiting your options, since you can change back to producing plain PE pipe at any time.

Components Of A Plain PE Pipe Production Line

PE pipe production lines are comprised of a number of machines. The main equipment for an extrusion production line is the following:

  • Extruder machine: The starting point and heart of every pipe production line, the extruder machine melts and delivers raw or recycled plastic materials delivering it to the pipe extrusion die head.
  • Pipe extrusion die head: Forms the extruded plastic into the desired pipe profile.
  • Vacuum & Cooling Tank: Cooling of the produced pipe, at a precise temperature range in order to cool and stabilize the pipe in the desired shape.
  • Pipe thickness inspection: Inline pipe thickness control for 100% of the produced pipe’s dimensional characteristics.
  • Haul off/puller: Pulling of the pipe after cooling, ensuring consistent pipe thickness and dimensional stability.
  • Pipe cutter: Positioned after the haul off machine, for cutting of the extruded pipe in the desired length during production.
  • Pipe accumulator: Used in flexible pipe production, such as drip irrigation pipe, it ensures continuous production immune to microstops.
  • Pipe coiler/winder: Installed at the end, it receives the produced pipe and coils it to the desired roll.
How To Upgrade From Plain PE To Drip Irrigation Pipe

You first need to evaluate your current equipment status, and make sure that you begin your upgrading with the best and most cost effective solution for your needs. This is not a “one size fits all” situation, and every solution should reflect the necessary steps and equipment, tailored for each situation.

Machinery Required to Convert to Drip Irrigation

The equipment typically required to upgrade from plain to drip irrigation pipe is as follows:

  • Dripper feeder & Inserting Machine: Needs to be installed before the die head and after the extruder machine.
  • Extruder Machine Die Cross Head: Place one ready to accept the drip irrigation emitters; installs easily and quickly, in order to accept drippers while the pipe is still hot.
  • Pipe Perforating Machine: Punches holes in the pipe where drippers are located. Easily installed on any existing line without your having to make any further changes.
  • Perforation Visual Inspection Machine (optional): Following the Pipe Perforating Machine, performs a non-destructive check on 100% of the holes punched in the produced irrigation pipe.
DRTS Drip Irrigation Machinery

Upgrading from plain PE to drip irrigation pipe production is a straightforward task. If you partner with a knowledgeable pipe extrusion equipment manufacturer like DRTS we can help supply you with custom drip irrigation machinery that will work in tandem with your existing production line. Contact us here for a free consultation and find out how we can help!

At your service for over 35 years, DRTS is a pipe extrusion and drip irrigation specialist. Our pipe extrusion production lines are used in every continent around the world, offering complete turnkey solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

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