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Fully Automatic Pipe Coiler (Flat)

Fully Automatic Pipe Coiler (Flat Pipe)

Fully automate your flat drip irrigation pipe production line with our fully automatic pipe coiler. This machine automatically coils flat drip irrigation pipe and switches reels without the help of an operator.

The fully automatic flat drip irrigation pipe coiler allows you to seamlessly coil and strap pipe from 12-25 mm at up to 250 meters per minute when combined with the DRTS pipe accumulator ensuring you produce coils of flat drip irrigation pipe ready for sale.

About the DRTS Flat Automatic Coiler

This automatic pipe coiler was specially designed to coil flat drip irrigation pipe at speeds of up to 250 meters per minute. DRTS also offers automatic coiling solutions designed for coiling round PE and drip irrigation pipe. Check out a video of our flat drip irrigation automatic coiler machine in action below.

Technical Specifications

Coiler Type: 2 Station Automatic
Pipe Dimensions: 12 – 25 mm
Pipe Type: Flat Thin/Thick
Pipe Wall Thickness: 0.1 – 0.9 mm
Coiling Speed: Up to 250 mpm
Max Flange Diameter: 600 mm
Min Core Diameter: 120 mm
Max Width: 280 mm
Max Reel Weight: 25 KG
Coiler Dimensions (LxWxH): 2800 x 1800 x 2200 mm
Control (PLC): B&R 7.5”
Power Supply: 3/400/50-60 hz
Reel Rotation (Single Motor): 2.2KW 1500 RPM
Geared Motor: B&R Servo Motor 0.55 KW 1420 RPM
Traversing Unit: B&R Servo Motor 2Nm, 3000 RPM
Power Supply: 7 KW
Air Pressure: 6 Bar
Accumulator: Included

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ModelPipe Dia (mm)No. of Stations/FlapsCoiling SpeedDownload
Automatic Flat Pipe Coiler DEMBC-FL-20012-25 mm2 Stations with Strapping250 m/min Datasheet
Automatic Round Pipe Coiler
12-25 mm2 Stations with Strapping130 m/min Datasheet

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