DRTS Drippers (Emitters)
DRTS offers a wide range of Flat and Round (cylindrical) pressure compensating (PC) and non pressure compensating (NPC) in-line drip irrigation drippers. Our vast experience in the field (over 35 years) combined with unique engineering and R&D has positioned DRTS drippers to be world known among manufacturers as well as end-users . With several patents granted and several more on the way, DRTS keeps at the forefront of dripper technology. Our wide product range covers all drip irrigation sectors of Landscaping, Agriculture and Mining.
Omniflow™ Technology
The Next Evolution of Dripper Technology
Our drippers feature the Omniflow™ advantage. Our patented Omniflow design eliminates labyrinth dead zones to maintain consistent turbulence, reducing the settling of suspended solids to prevent clogging.
  • Turbulent at lower pressures
  • Turbulent through the entire labyrinth
  • Free of non turbulent dead zones
omniflow technology

Flat Drippers

Round Drippers

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