Pipe Coiling Technology

As a leader in drip irrigation and plastic pipe extrusion technology, DRTS prides itself on bringing the latest innovations in manufacturing machinery to our customers. In addition to high quality pipe coilers, we also offer other pipe coil related technologies that can help ensure ease of manufacturing for you and your team.

Coil Shrink Wrap Machine

Save your team the hassle of manually wrapping new coils with the DRTS pipe coil shrink wrap machine. This machine is capable of shrink wrapping new coils at a range of speeds with the push of a button. The shrink wrapper will ensure that your new coils are protected and ready for sale or shipping.


  • Shrink wraps coils in seconds
  • Specially designed for round pipe
  • Multiple speed options
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Flat Pipe Recoiler Machine

The DRTS Recoiler is designed to give manufacturers the ability to recoil unfinished coils or create short coils from a larger coils of flat drip irrigation pipe. This machine reduces your scrap rates by allowing you to utilize the good sections of a produced coil which might otherwise be scrapped.


  • Re-Coiling Speed: 200 m/min
  • Pipe Type: Thinwall Tapes
  • Dancer: Included
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Pipe Extrusion Manufacturing Solutions

DRTS has over 35 years of experience in the drip irrigation and plastic pipe manufacturing industry. We offer quality, custom pipe production lines and standalone machinery. At DRTS we strive to provide industry leading machinery and unbeatable customer service.

We want to help your business grow and happily offer free expert consultations to discover how DRTS can help you increase production capacity and save money with machinery custom built to your needs.

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