The DRTS Pressure Compensating Dripper Assembly Machine

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DRTS dripper assembly machine

In addition to pipe production machinery DRTS also manufactures quality pressure compensating drippers. Below is a video of our pressure compensating dripper assembly machine, putting the finishing touches on our PC drippers.

Dripper Assembly Machine

Once the dripper has been created via an injection molding process, it is taken to the pressure compensating dripper assembly machine. The assembly machine then places a silicone membrane into the center of the PC dripper allowing it to regulate pressure once employed in the field.

The DRTS PC Dripper Assembly Machine can be seen in the video below inserting and sealing circular silicone membranes into our soon to be completed Storm PC dripper.

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DRTS has over 35 years of experience in dripper design and production and bring that expertise to every dripper we design. We offer a complete range of round, flat and pressure compensating drippers that are used daily around the world.

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