Growing the Irrigation Industry in India – A Success Story

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DRTS has built strong professional relationships around the world by supplying turnkey drip irrigation production lines and continued technical support to their customers.

Recently, Jayant Jain, the Technical Director at Sujay Irrigation in Bangalore, India, detailed his company’s experience working with DRTS and how they helped Sujay Irrigation grow in an emerging market where the government subsidizes drip irrigation products.

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“We first met Doron Mamo (CEO) of DRTS in 2008 and it really was a situation where he had the right product at the right time,” shared Jain. “We were looking to expand into injection molded drippers, but the other machines on the market were not cost effective. We wanted to grow our market share in India, but we needed more lines to grow at the desired level. We needed machinery that was affordable and that we could implement successfully.” DRTS invested in understanding the needs and challenges of the Indian market and was prepared to support Indian entrepreneurs with the tools they needed to succeed in their unique market.

Purchasing from DRTS

DRTS was able to help Sujay Irrigation because they provided affordable and effective manufacturing solutions. Not only was DRTS’ machinery within reach, but they provided production lines with higher line speed. This led to increased efficiency, thus reducing scrap and production cost while producing high quality pipe with inline drippers. Over the last seven years, Sujay Irrigation has purchased a total of four production lines from DRTS and has seen their market share grow dramatically as a result of their expanded capacity.

“DRTS was already a proven technology and we knew they were a good value for the money, so we decided to go for it. Once we decided to make the jump to grow and purchased the line, we went through the implementation process. In the past when we’ve done this, a third party came in to provide training. When we purchased the line directly from DRTS, they sent someone in to train us on the machines,” shared Jain. “This was a much better experience. Having someone from the manufacturing company made a lot of difference because then the customer can get the benefit of the entire line.”

Continued Growth in India

In India, different states subsidize drip irrigation installations for farmers. Some states subsidize 50-70% of the costs while others are as high as 90-100% of the cost. These varying subsidy programs come with different requirements and complications. However, Sujay Irrigation has managed to increase their market share, thanks to the quality products they produce using DRTS machinery. Sujay Irrigation is currently the top provider in one Indian state and rank in the top ten providers in two other states.

“Our next plan is to expand to a new facility with space for 10 drip lines and four HDPE pipe production lines. This expansion should happen in the spring and put us in a good place for the next 10 to 15 years,” shared Jain. “We plan to buy our new lines from DRTS to put in the new facility.” Jain expressed his appreciation for working with a company like DRTS that focuses on technological innovation and providing continued customer support has helped ensures that Sujay Irrigation can focus on growing their business while expanding their market share.

The positive relationship between DRTS and Sujay Irrigation is one example of many satisfied customers who have used the experience and technology provided by DRTS to succeed in their markets. With over 150 DRTS production lines operating across India, the whole subcontinent is a success story for DRTS machinery in a booming and emerging market. Whether your company is just getting started in a new market or looking to grow in your current market, DRTS has a custom solution to your manufacturing needs and will go the extra mile to help you succeed. Learn more about operating in an emerging market by downloading the DRTS Guide to Opportunities and Subsidies for Drip Irrigation in Africa.

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