Dripper Highlight: Centra Flat NPC Dripper

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Dripper Highlight: Centra Flat NPC Dripper

In both round drip irrigation pipe and flat drip tape, drippers ensure the uniformity of water distribution throughout all drip points. Specifically for flat drip irrigation tape, specialized flat drippers are used to maintain the tape’s flat shape and reduce material use, without compromising the dependability and clogging resistance offered by inserted lateral drip emitters.

Flat drip tape has two main characteristics: it is an affordable drip irrigation product, and requires replacement after each farming season. Due to these characteristics, flat drippers inserted in tape should offer both excellent functionality, and be properly sized so as to provide raw material cost savings and retain a low dripper cost. This way, both end users and flat drip tape manufacturers, benefit from a properly designed drip irrigation product.

The DRTS Centra NPC flat dripper

The DRTS Centra dripper is a non pressure compensating (NPC) flat dripper developed specifically for the production of flat drip tape. The Centra dripper features a wide flowpath, eliminating non turbulent flow and ensuring clog free operation. Moreover, its symmetric design allows for easy handling and insertion during drip tape production, resulting in high production speeds and minimum microstops, further improving the drip tape production cost.

Benefits for pipe manufacturers

With its symmetrical design and optimized size, the Centra allows for production line speeds of flat drip tape reaching an impressive 250 meters per minute. Moreover, the Centra flat emitter offers a high insertion rate capability of up to 1000 drippers per minute, expanding the production capabilities of products with a wide range of dripper distances. These features give manufacturers the flexibility of producing custom flat drip tape according to each customer’s individual requirements

Lastly, the Centra dripper is of quality injection molded construction exclusively from pure virgin raw materials, ensuring pipe manufacturers of achieving reproducible and dependable production rates, resulting in reduced downtimes and further improving ease of manufacturing.

Benefits for end users

Despite its advantageous compact size, the Centra flat dripper offers a variety of flow rates ( 1.0, 2.0, 4.0 litres per hour) to cover any non pressure compensating drip tape irrigation application. Featuring an extended elevated filtration area and wide cross sectional flowpath, the Centra emitter is extremely resistant to clogging. Moreover, it has a coefficient of variation below 3%, resulting in exceptional drip rate uniformity between dripping points. Produced with quality 100% virgin polyethylene and special polymer additives, the Centra flat dripper has a high resistance to UV degradation as well as commonly used fertilizers and chemicals.

Apart from its quality features, end users also benefit from Centra’s small size and reduced raw material use, which result in a cost-efficient product.

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