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DRTS provides the most up to date drip irrigation machines, technology and drip accessories to remain competitive in the drip irrigation market. We sell dripper insertion equipment, dripper perforation equipment, drip tubing coiling equipment, as well as a variety of inline drip emitters such as PC drippers, flat drippers, turbulent flow emitters and non-leakage (CNL) drippers. DRTS sells production lines for producing drip tape, cylindrical dripper tubing, and thin walled flat dripper tubing. We also provide quality control equipment such as a fully automatic dripper flowtester capable of testing drip tubing or only drippers for injection and assembly quality control. DRTS has been providing drip irrigation machinery and dripper insertion technology related to producing drip irrigation for over 15 years. DRTS is the leader in quality for drip irrigation production, drip tape and pressure compensating (PC) drippersDrip irrigation systems are the most efficient way to grow precision crops, we at DRTS understand that the irrigation industry is working towards high precision, simplicity, and reduced costs of production and we have the products to prove it.

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